text2join_signNowadays, we’re all so crazy busy that if something can’t be done simply and lickety-split (make a recipe, record on our DVR) we won’t do it. This makes assembling an email list an arduous task — not only do you have to entice folks to want to join your list, but you have to make it easy peasy or risk losing them. Therefore, with whatever email marketing company you use (I use Constant Contact), make sure you take full advantage of all the services offered, particularly social media integration since Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al, is where many of us spend so much of our time these days. Yesterday, I (finally!) implemented the texting option for my email list so that readers are able to send a text message — my name — to 22828, input their email address when prompted, and, voila, join my list. I don’t know what took me so long to do this, but I’m glad I finally did.

Do you have a text option for people to join your list? You should.