I have been wanting this for more than a year and a half, since I started preparing for the print edition of Baby Grand.

CreateSpace is finally offering print books with a matte cover. Yippee! Previously, covers were available in a glossy-only finish, which is nice and all, but in my opinion matte covers are more attractive and look more like the traditionally published books that you’re likely to see on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.

I think this is fantastic news for self-published authors and brings us one step closer to being able to offer books that are worthy of our readers. For those of you who already have books out, you can change the covers at no charge. For those who don’t, you can choose between glossy or matte. And even if you prefer glossy over matte, it’s nice to have a choice. Choices — be it cover design, interior font or trim size — give us the ability to customize our books the way we want them and to be quality publishers, which is arguably just as important as being a quality author. Good luck!